• YL- 8825B  floating bottom line the bottom of the machine (disabled)
  • YL- 8825B  floating bottom line the bottom of the machine (disabled)

YL- 8825B floating bottom line the bottom of the machine (disabled)

product details

1. The machine part adopts high toughness gel blocks, pressure can automatically adjust the size, can according to each kind of type shoes shape at the bottom of the automatic adjustment, the inside of the height consistent before and after use. Without any pad material can make soles in conformity with the last, won't produce any error.
2. Before and after the compressive bar for automatic cylinder, before and after the operation without according to the last height adjustment, can automatically adjust the pressure evenly. To save time, improve production efficiency and energy saving.
Upper horn line burnish, gluing and laminating.

Company introduction:
Unity, houjie town, dongguan city, guangdong province machinery plant, located in houjie town Lao mansion, since it was founded in 1996 specializing in the production of complete sets of equipment, soles and shoes machine with mechanical parts. Over the years, my factory in line with the quality strives for the development, reputation for security purpose, high-quality products, reasonable prices, good faith, to win the new and old customers to patronize. Product introduction: a, accessories, shoes machine with all kinds of before and after to help tighten, sweep knives, claws, to map processing, rubber products, silica gel, high interest rubber products, mold development and manufacturing. Prize: in our professional, high-pressure equipment, complete sets of manufacturing output, factory planning

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Our company main products: trademark transfer printing machine Fully automatic multi-function transfer printing machine Cutting edge machine, automatic pneumatic hot stamping machine in the bottom of the bottom skiving machine, bottom setting machine, corn machine, in roughing machine, bronzing machine, rubber sole roughing machine.

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