Rubber outsole / EVA outsole / styrofoam outsole: get it done in one machine!

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Rubber bottom outsole / EVA outsole / styrofoam outsole: side wall & bottom thickened by one machine!

YL-8832A Rubber bottom roughing machine


Machine characteristics

1. This machine adopts imported high wear-resistant diamond wheel, roughing and longer service life.

2. The operation is simple, just put the material in the feed port, it can automatically feed and roughen.

3. Thick and thin, equipped with adjustable automatic rise and fall functions, fast operation speed and save time.

4. The imported high wear-resistant is equipped with a lower limit switch to ensure that the feeding rubber wheel is not worn.

5. Compared with the traditional roughing machine, it can reflect faster speed, save manpower and improve economic efficiency.

Machine side

Technical Parameters

Machine video

Product application

Coarse grinding wheel

Fine wheel


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