This Chinese shoe company has appeared in New York Times Square for five consecutive years

Release time:2020-04-17 source:Dongguan Houjie Youli shoe machine trade

On December 24, us time (Beijing time, December 25), a new year's commercial starring peak signed stars Dwight Howard and Tony Parker appeared in New York Times Square, attracting thousands of tourists to celebrate Christmas.
On the big screen of times square, the two stars send greetings and blessings for the new year to the people all over the world in Chinese, and pay homage to the Chinese fans far away. It is reported that the star "New Year blockbuster" carefully created by peak will continue to broadcast to the Chinese Lunar New Year Lantern Festival, peak will also send new year's wishes to the global people through the large screen of times square.
New York Times Square is the most bustling and bustling gathering place in the world, with hundreds of thousands of customers and tourists every day, 450 million people flow every year, and its business value is highly valued. This time, peak chose a different way of "being an NBA star to send warm New Year's greetings" to welcome the new year, and made a strong landing in Times Square, which demonstrated the international image and brand strength of peak as a Chinese enterprise aiming to "create an international brand", and let the Chinese brand embrace the world again.
This is the fifth year in a row that peak has landed in Times Square, known as the window of "attracting global attention", and launched a new year's promotional film.
Looking back to the beginning of 2014, for the first time in Times Square, there were Chinese sports brands - Spurs star Parker and Rockets star Battier signed by peak dressed in Tang suits to celebrate the new year to Chinese all over the world. This initiative announced a new round of international marketing offensive launched by peak, and also let more world consumers see the confidence and determination of peak's internationalization.
"For peak, it's an opportunity to introduce peak to the world, show its strength and expand its international market. Under the guidance of the sports industry boom, we will adhere to the international strategy to make peak's brand famous in the world! "Xu Jingnan said.
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