Boss of Cambodian Taiwan funded shoe factory: easy to be bullied, a bit unbearable

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Compared with the future of high-tech and financial industries, there are actually more traditional industries that China has settled in Cambodia, including textile and shoemaking. At the beginning, it focused on the advantages of cheap wages and duty-free exports. However, the gross profit itself is low, and there is no official office in the local area, so once encountering difficulties, they can only be solved privately.

The employees in the shoe factory perform their own duties. Some of them hold the glue for adhesion, some use the sewing machine to sew. After the completion of the front section, the middle section should also be shaped very carefully, especially for special shoes, the safety, coverage and functionality, and no details can be sloppy. Especially in the manufacturing process of sole, polyurethane and special ingredients are used for instant forming at high temperature, which makes the production efficiency many times.

The Cambodian shoe factory was founded by the Taiwanese businessman surnamed Yu. In 1989, he set up a shoe factory in China for 10 years. In 1999, he moved the factory to Phnom Penh. What he valued was the lower salary and more export preferences.
Yu Baoqing said that Taiwan's shoe factories in Cambodia are in a state of ups and downs. In 2000, there were only more than 10, and in 2004, there were only eight left. In 2006, they were transferred from Vietnam to several, but in 2008, most of the factories were recovered after the financial tsunami. After 2009, the original shoe factories in China and Vietnam entered in a large scale. After 2015, another wave was added. At present, there are about 60 Taiwan funded enterprises in Cambodia A shoe factory was set up in the village.

There are many shoe factories and fierce competition. In order to survive, Yu Baoqing has developed special working shoes and safety shoes from the original sole production of leather shoes to the present, which has killed his own blood. However, the Cambodian government stipulates that every year, every employee's salary has increased from 40 dollars in 1999 to 153 dollars now, which makes him a bit unbearable.
If a large number of workers faint at work, the enterprise will face legal proceedings
From 2018, the base salary of $170 for Cambodian workers will be officially implemented, and 100% of the medical insurance fee for workers will be provided by the factory.
Cambodian labor minister Yisen Hing has warned factory owners across the country that they will face legal action if large numbers of workers faint while working in their businesses.
The warning came after nearly 200 workers in the province fainted. Labor minister Yi Senxing said the Department of occupational health and safety of the labor department must enact a new law to combat fainting.
From 2018, all factories must set up a medical department, otherwise they will be severely punished.
Pay attention! The labor department has stipulated that the factory must have a medical room next year, otherwise it will be fined or prosecuted by law. Labor minister Yi Senxing said at the propaganda meeting on the establishment of medical rooms stipulated by the factory on July 7 that there are 513759 factories, enterprises and institutions nationwide, 88% of which have medical rooms and only 12% have not.
He stressed that from 2018, all factories in the country must have medical rooms. If not, the Ministry of labor will handle according to law, including fines or transfer cases to the court. In addition, the medical room must require professional doctors and enough drugs to provide timely medical treatment or basic emergency treatment for workers in poor health.
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