Wenling, 9000 online stores sold 13.4 billion yuan in 11 months

Release time:2020-04-17 source:Dongguan Houjie Youli shoe machine trade

It's time to show off your wealth at the end of the year.
"In recent years, Wenling e-commerce has developed rapidly. This can be seen from the growing total amount of online retail sales every year. " The head of Wenling Municipal Bureau of Commerce told reporters that from January to November 2017, the total amount of online retail in Wenling city had reached 13.493 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.34%, which exceeded the total amount of online retail in 2016 by 11.6 billion yuan.
"Double 11" driven sales of 2 billion yuan in November

Throughout November, the number of e-commerce express orders in the city exceeded 2 million. "During the" double 11 "period, well done businesses received more than 200000 orders a day, 15 to 20 times the usual sales volume, and quite a lot of Taobao stores received 450000 and 70000 orders a day." Zhang Xiaojian, President of the city's online commerce association, said.
The relevant staff of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce told reporters that on this day, the retail sales of aisida e-commerce exceeded 42 million yuan, the sales of Zhejiang ruirentang pharmaceutical chain Co., Ltd. exceeded 3.47 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of over 28%. Wenling QITU e-commerce Co., Ltd. realized the sales of more than 60000 pairs of shoes, 20% higher than the estimated sales.
In addition, the number of orders per day in the "double 11" e-commerce Park of the city is also rising, among which, the number of orders in Fengxin e-commerce park has reached more than 90000 and the sales volume of e-commerce has exceeded 7 million yuan; the daily order volume in the e-commerce park has exceeded 50000 and the sales volume has reached more than 20 million yuan; the number of orders in Wenling e-commerce business park has reached about 160000, up 10% compared with last year, which is equivalent to the sales volume About 7 million yuan.
Next to November was September and October, with online retail sales of 1.928 billion yuan and 1.805 billion yuan, respectively. The reason why the difference between the online sales in these two months and that in November is not too big is that some stores began to reduce prices and promote sales in advance in order to rank higher in the "double 11" period, attracting a group of consumers
Taobao village increased by 21, with the most clothing, shoes and bags sold

The staff of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the monitoring of the third-party e-commerce platform showed that as of the end of November 2017, there were 8884 active online retail stores in our city, equivalent to 53.13% of the total number of registered online retail stores. Most of these online stores are concentrated on Taobao, tmall and Jingdong platforms. Specifically, from January to November last year, the total amount of online retail generated in Taobao, tmall and Jingdong accounted for 60.62%, 34.05% and 5.21% of the total amount of online retail generated in the whole city.
"Most of Wenling's online stores sell clothing, shoes and bags, home furnishings and mother and baby products, accounting for 36.32%, 24.27% and 12.56% respectively. The total online retail volume of the three industries is equivalent to 73.15% of the total online retail volume of Wenling in Taobao, tmall and Jingdong." Staff introduction, especially shoes, is the main product of Wenling.
In the business 2017 Taobao Village Research Report released by Alibaba Research Institute last year, Wenling has become the second largest Taobao cluster county (county-level city) in China with 75 Taobao villages, second only to Yiwu, 21 more than in 2016. There are hundreds of Taobao stores in every Taobao village, and the products they sell are basically shoes.
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