Belle: why is a pair of shoes left in the shop for 30 days without anyone trying them on?

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The acquisition of belle is the largest merger and acquisition in Hong Kong in 2017, and also the most eye-catching investment of Zhang Lei at present.
As a former "king of shoes", Belle's brilliant history is in sharp contrast to its delisting in July. When the former king of shoes went down, Zhang Lei became the new controlling shareholder of belle.
"In the past five years, the annual sales of belle has declined, and hundreds of thousands of employees have not found their way under the impact of e-commerce and the Internet. In this process, after our acquisition, the first step is to change people's way of thinking, not to think about it as a traditional enterprise. " Zhang Lei said.


According to the survey of Hillhouse capital, Belle has 300 million to 400 million users and 4 million to 6 million people enter the store every day.
What is the concept of this data?
According to the data of Internet language, dau is one of the top ten e-commerce companies in China. There are 600000 to 1 million people try on it every day, 300000 to 500000 people buy it every day, and the repurchase rate is 25%.
Zhang said that they reviewed the company's development from such a funnel model and thought about how to improve efficiency.
"In the department store, more than one-third of the shoe cabinets of belle group have a large market share. So what's the problem?
First, we will not go to the department store. Although you do well, the consumers are far away from your channels.
Second, in e-commerce, a large number of cheaper products or fake goods cause various impacts. "
The first step of Zhang Lei's analysis is to develop many terminal enabling tools, see what each store does from the real-time data, collect the whole business circle's people flow, and bring the inventory coordinator management system into the company.
Zhang Lei, for example, in the past, when the 20000 stores of belle ordered goods, it was the store manager who decided which goods to sell, whether the goods could be sold well or not. Everyone did not know that the inventory adjustment process was very painful.
However, they now have a lot of data analysis - why is a pair of shoes in the store for 30 days without anyone trying on them?
So this pair of shoes is not suitable for store; why is a high-heeled shoe tried on 30 times a day in store, but only bought once?
Because I found the shoes were beautifully made, but they were uncomfortable to wear.
Zhang Lei also pointed out that in the future, the store managers and clerks of belle will no longer be "sellers" but fashion consultants. They will develop corresponding toolkits to scan the whole process of store operation data, so as to analyze the operation potential of the store. At the same time, by analyzing the historical data, they will see the impact on sales in different seasons, periods and surrounding environments.
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