2000 people in a single factory? 2018 Fujian shoes and clothing factory rob people ahead of time

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"In 2018, qipilang Jinjiang factory will recruit 1000 people", "Baihong's expansion in 2018 will recruit 2000 people", "in 2018, Qipai recruitment is more than earlier than in previous years" In 2018, textile and clothing enterprises frequently act, and the direction of action is the same to recruitment. The reporter visited and found that the recruitment of textile and garment enterprises is not only in great demand and strength, but also in front of the recruitment work, which has a "battle spot in autumn".
Industry insiders pointed out that behind this trend, the consumer market as a whole shows a trend of gradual stabilization and recovery. Textile and garment enterprises have a trend of stable order volume, and workers are hard to recruit. At present, the industry is in the late period of cyclical adjustment, signs of recovery have emerged, and the growth momentum is also changing. Leading enterprises can benefit from this round of recovery through multi-level layout.
A large number of textile and clothing recruits
In recent years, Huang Dan, assistant to the general manager's office of Jinjiang qipilang garment manufacturing Co., Ltd., has been very busy. In 2018, the factory of Jinjiang qipilang garment manufacturing Co., Ltd. will expand the recruitment of 1000 people, including deputy factory director, production team leader and other management positions, including typesetter, multi-functional workers and other technical positions, as well as skilled Turner, ironer and other basic positions.
"1000 people is not a small number. Last year, we started to plan relevant activities, launch relevant policies, and publicize recruitment in order to stimulate and absorb more employees." Huang Dan said.
It's amazing how big the seven wolves are, but it's not unique in the field of clothing. Lin Yumei, jiumuwang's human resources manager, told reporters that in 2018, jiumuwang's recruitment plan is 1000 people, 400 more than in 2017. "With a large number of recruitment needs, we not only have the incentive measures to start the recruitment of all staff, but also to further expand the channels of school enterprise cooperation in vocational clothing colleges."
A large number of recruitment also occurs in the textile industry. Among them, Fujian Baihong group even offered the slogan "which enterprise is so good, it will recruit 2000 people in 2018". The reporter recently learned from Fujian Baihong group that 2000 recruitment positions cover more than ten types of work, such as polymerization process operator, spinning and winding operator, bulleting production value-added lathe worker, external inspector of quality control department, pump board worker of spinning department, etc.
"At present, the enterprise has the problem that the order quantity is large and the recruitment is difficult to match. If we wait for the workers to start the recruitment after the new year, it will be in a very passive state. Therefore, this year, seven wolves will advance the work arrangement of recruitment." Huang Dan told reporters.
"When spring happens" leading business stable order rise
Spring River warm duck prophet. Enterprises are most sensitive to the cold and warm market. A large number of recruitment of textile and garment enterprises reflects the expectation of the market for the next year, or a large number of talent gaps within the enterprise?
Fengzhu with increased production capacity in 2017, qipilang with an increase of 20% in order volume, jiumuwang with business volume growth as well as receiving external orders, Baihong with expected large-scale business growth and plant expansion in the new year According to the interview, a large number of recruitment needs and strong willingness of enterprises are closely related to the industry situation and the difficulty of recruitment.
"To recruit so many people is mainly related to the company's business." Luo Longxiang, a supervisor of Fujian qipilang Industry Co., Ltd., told reporters that it was not just decided to expand the production scale and increase the production. The current increase in production mainly benefited from the transformation of the group in these years. According to Huang Dan, due to the recovery of the situation, the order volume of seven wolves group increased by nearly 20%, which requires seven wolves to expand production personnel as soon as possible.
Coincidentally, Zhang Peng said that compared with the previous years, Qipai's orders for its own brands this year are significantly more stable. But in King Jiumu, this phenomenon is more obvious. "The number of recruits is higher than last year, which is directly related to the company's order volume growth in 2017." Lin Yumei revealed that when the business volume of jiumuwang increased, it also received orders for production, so the company itself lacked certain employees.
"At present, Baihong has invested 2.5 billion yuan in the construction of 330000 T / a differential chemical fiber production project in Longhu Town, Jinjiang City and 350 million US dollars in the construction of 700000 T / a polyester project in Vietnam. These projects will be put into production in the new year." Chen abin, brand manager of Baihong group, said Baihong's large-scale expansion was related to internal and external factors.
On the one hand, the stable recovery of external environment and the recovery of international market demand have stimulated the export of Chinese textile products, and the stable growth of domestic macro-economy has also provided positive support for the domestic demand market; on the other hand, through continuous improvement of product quality and development of differentiated products, Baihong has made strong market demand for the company's products and steady sales growth.
"Thousands of trees, thousands of trees, pear blossoms" intelligent manufacturing with multiple internal efficiency
"In addition to a stable business, the increasing difficulty in recruiting workers is also a big reason why companies need to recruit a large number of workers and reserve workers." Zhang Peng told reporters that at present, workers are more and more inclined to start an e-commerce business, or choose to produce in Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas, or choose to stay in their hometown, so the overall flow of workers to the market is much less than before. This has brought great challenges to many enterprises.
On the basis of stabilizing the old employees and increasing the recruitment channels, many textile and garment enterprises choose to supplement by intelligent automation equipment and improving internal management.
In 2018, seven wolves increased 20% of the investment cost for recruitment. On the one hand, it depends on the past situation of bringing the old with the new, on the other hand, it is supplemented by school recruitment and social recruitment. Seven wolves try to break the traditional recruitment mode and take as many as possible

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